Webpage Integration


This page outlines the implementation process for installing a Button from the 42Layers Platform onto your webpage.


  1. Destination Connector

  2. Button HTML Snippet (Provided in Uploader Setup)

  3. Access to your webpage HTML

Implementing a Button on your Webpage

Step 1: Navigate to your web hosting provider's page configuration menu

Step 2: Copy the HTML Snippet from the 42Layers Application

Step 3: Paste the snippet into your web page at the point where you'd like it to display on the page. Include both script tags and the button element together.

Step 4: Edit the snippet to set custom displayName and description values for schema. These will be shown to the user in place of the actual name.

Step 5: Edit the snippet to set a custom uploadDescription which will also be shown to users when they click the button.

Example of Webpage View

Optional: Custom Styling

Optionally set custom styling on the button element. This can be done either by setting a style property on the element itself or via css with the .ftl-button class.

Testing the Button

To view the uploaded data, navigate to Embeds in the 42Layers Application and select the Button

Click View to verify proper collection of records